The Changing Face of Elder Care

Elder care continues to change and evolve. If you are checking out treatment options for elderly care in Phoenix, then that means paying attention to a range of available services for senior care. This includes facilities that offer rehabilitative therapies. Some provide nursing care while others deliver palliative care through hospice and others offer senior housing options. These days, though, more and more of the elderly are opting to stay at home.

Aging in Place

Hiring home care givers help families make the transition easier for elderly loved ones. If your parents or grandparents don’t want to go to a nursing a facility, getting a home care service can help them retain an independent lifestyle. A home care giver looks after their health and takes care of them, providing families with peace of mind. By hiring one, you can keep your senior loved ones safe while still allowing them as much freedom as possible. Home care options also make it easier for families to shoulder the cost of elderly care.

Resources for Families

Families today have a slew of resources they can explore. From the AARP (The American Association for Retired Persons) to the American Society on Aging and more, people have a range of options. The growing trend for home modifications also means more and more families are better equipped and well-prepared to provide care to elderly loved ones at home.

Finding Specialized Care

In the past, older adults with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease were better off in nursing homes. However, the growing preference for arrangements and support that allow elderly people to age in place mean that families can now count on better in-home assistance. You can rely on home care agencies to provide an exceptional level and quality of patient care.

Choosing Home Care

If you are set on choosing a home care option, then consulting with a home care agency is a good first step in the right direction. Make sure you do your homework, though. Look into the company’s background. What kind of services does it provide? What kind of credentials and qualifications does it have? Check the reviews from other customers. What do they say? Factor the feedback into your hiring decision.


There is a wide range of personal care and support available to seniors. Evaluate your options and discover which home care choices are the best fit for you. If you’re looking for elderly care in Phoenix, contact Alarys Home Care today.

Senior Home Care: Responsible Caring

Home care options can provide your elderly loved ones with the specialized care they need. If you’re looking for care choices that can help you meet the needs of your parents or grandparents along with the rest of your family, then consider the many ways senior home care can help.

Provide Comfort

Make it possible for your loved ones to stay at home. Getting a home care giver allows them to age in familiar and comfortable surroundings. That helps ease the transition for them, especially if they have progressive conditions.

Receive Personalized Care

Hiring a home care service means your loved one won’t need to adjust to schedules and routines, which is the norm in a care facility. Home care services are tailored to the needs and habits of your family member instead, allowing for flexibility in treatment and care.

Get Faster Results

People recover faster when they’re in familiar and comfortable surroundings. By hiring the services of a home care company, you can help your loved one recover much sooner.

Enjoy Cost Savings

Home care offers families with a cost-effective way of providing care to their elderly loved ones. Care facilities can cost a lot. You can hire home care agencies for the same amount and be assured that your loved one will get quality care at home.

Ensure Peace of Mind

If your parents don’t want to move out, and you can’t come by their place to check on them every day, then make it easier to enjoy peace of mind. Hire senior home care services. You can rely on trained and expert care givers to look after your parents. That way, you won’t need to worry that they may slip or fall with no one being there to provide the assistance they need or even prevent those instances in the first place.

Provide Companionship

Loneliness and depression slow down the recovery in seniors. Both conditions also impact their health negatively. If you don’t live near your parents or can’t see them every time, then hiring home care provides them with much-needed companionship to keep the sadness at bay.

Allow for Pet Ownership

Older adults have a harder time taking care of pets. But pets have a healing effect on people. Make it easier for your parents to keep their beloved cats and dogs. Hire home care givers to take care of their pets for them.

Keep your loved ones comfortable. Get them senior home care services from Alarys Home Care.

Mental Health Service Challenges

Between 2015 and 2050, the percentage of adults above the age of 60 years old will nearly double, from 12% to about 22%. With approximately 15% of adults aged 60 suffering from a mental disorder, finding the right mental health service provider is a must for many families.

Thinking You Can Do It

A lot of families think they can handle the work themselves. Providing care to an elderly loved one with a mental health condition, though, requires specialized skills and knowledge as well as patience and understanding. If you take on the work, but later on realize that the job is too stressful for you, it’s okay. Don’t feel like you’ve failed. Look for behavioral health services in Phoenix to help you.

Not Hiring a Professional

When you care for someone with Alzheimer’s disease, you’ll need to look for a caregiving agency to help you out. A professional is in a much better position to provide the help and assistance your loved one needs. They’re trained to handle the situation. If you have little to zero proper training, then you may only end up worsening the condition. That or you may only end up aggravating yourself.

Not Knowing the Signs

Before you can look for an excellent behavioral health service provider or resource, you’ll want to be on the lookout for signs that your loved one is suffering from a mental condition. For instance, know what Alzheimer’s disease looks like. Be familiar with the symptoms:

  • Memory loss that impacts daily life
  • Difficulty in planning or solving problems
  • Inability to complete routine tasks such as managing a budget or taking care of the garden
  • Vision problems
  • Vocabulary struggles or may call things by the wrong name or term
  • Misplacing items and inability to remember
  • Poor judgment
  • Withdrawal from social activities or work
  • Different moods and personality

By knowing the signs, you can start looking for help before the situation worsens.

Not Researching Your Options

When you look for help, make sure you are hiring the right agency for the job. Research your options. Find out more about the firm’s reputation, its background, and the services it offers. What kind of credentials does it have? What kind of qualifications do members of the staff hold? Find out before you reach out to them for a consult. To get a trusted provider or resource for behavioral health services in Phoenix, contact Alarys Home Care for more details.

Hiring Caregivers for Alzheimer Care

One in every three seniors pass away from Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. With deaths from Alzheimer’s disease increasing by 145%, the total is more than the deaths that result from breast cancer and prostate cancer combined. Despite those numbers, only 16% of seniors receive assessments during routine checkups. To compare, deaths from heart disease have only increased about 9% from 2000 to 2017.

Why Does That Matter?

With a growing number of older adults suffering from mental conditions, it’s now more important than ever to make sure people can receive the help and treatment they need. If your elderly loved ones show signs of suffering from a mental disorder as their minds deteriorate, then looking for caregiving services in Phoenix should be first on your list.

How Do I Find Help?

Consider the services that your loved ones need. If you see signs of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, then start looking for resources and groups to help you get the specialized assistance and care your family members require.

What Do I Look for?

Find a caregiving agency, for starters. You and your family may not be able to take on the work needed to look after your loved ones’ needs, especially if they start to show signs of having a mental disorder. A trained and professional caregiver who’s had considerable experience can guide your family through this and help you all care for your grandparents or parent properly.

How Do I Pick a Caregiver?

Start by reaching out to a caregiver agency. Look for local businesses first. Ask around, especially if you already know someone in your circle who hired these services in the past. Their suggestions and advice can be a huge help to you. Reviews and feedback about the company can help you determine the quality of the caregiving services it offers.

What Qualities Should I Choose?

Choosing someone skilled and competent is a given. But finding someone with the right set of credentials and a compassionate nature is ideal. Given the reports of elderly abuse, the last thing you want is to leave your loved ones vulnerable and at risk of being a victim. Research your options for Alzheimer care thoroughly. If your instincts or gut say otherwise, move on to other candidates for the position.

When it comes to taking care of your loved ones, experience with caregiving services in Phoenix is vitally important. The Alarys Home Care has caregivers trained in dementia, memory loss, and Alzheimer’s. Contact us for more details.