What is COPD and How Can Caregiving Help?

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a type of chronic lung disease. Two of the most common forms of COPD include emphysema and chronic bronchitis.

There is currently no known cure for COPD. But with the right diagnosis and treatment, people with COPD can manage their symptoms so they can lead a better quality of life. It may also help reduce the risk of other health conditions, such as lung cancer, heart disease, and other conditions.


Some of the most common symptoms of COPD include:

  • Wheezing
  • Shortness of breath
  • Chest tightness
  • Chronic cough and mucus production which can be white, yellow, clear, or greenish
  • Excess mucus in the lungs that make you have to clear your throat first thing every morning
  • Recurring respiratory infections
  • Cyanosis
  • Lack of energy
  • Swelling in feet, ankles, or legs
  • Weight loss


Tobacco smoking is one of the leading causes of COPD. Other causes include long-term exposure to secondhand smoke, pollution, and fumes from cooking fire without proper ventilation. People with asthma can also develop COPD over time if they don’t get themselves treated.

Can a Caregiver Help with COPD?

After a COPD diagnosis, it’s normal to feel discouraged and defeated. But don’t let that swallow you up. With proper treatment, medication, and care plan, you can still live a healthy, strong, and happy life-even with COPD. However, it’s important to note that all chronic care for this condition should be prescribed and conducted by a qualified medical professional.

Caregivers allow people with COPD to live as independently and comfortably as possible in their own homes while they undergo treatments. And since home caregivers go to their patient’s home-and not the other way around-it is more convenient for the patient. Additionally, living in a familiar and comfortable environment can improve a person’s mood, willpower, and overall outlook on life and their illness, which can significantly help their fight against the illness.

In-home caregivers offer a wide range of services for people with COPD. Perhaps the two key roles of a home caregiver are helping prepare healthy meals and reminding their patients when it’s time to take their medication. As the illness clouds the mind and life takes over, it’s easy to forget seemingly minute details. It’s the caregiver’s responsibility to make sure that their patient follows and obeys the prescribed care plan.

Having a caregiver by your side can make your fight against COPD more bearable. However, don’t just hire anyone. Make sure to hire someone from a reputable home care agency in Phoenix, such as Alarys Home Care.

National Caregivers Month: 10 Reasons to Get a Caregiver

If you have loved ones who are getting older or have an illness that requires more help, you have three options. This includes having a family member look after them, move them to an assisted living facility, or hire a home care nursing professional. Most seniors prefer to stay at home where everything is familiar. And if your loved ones also like to age in place, then you must respect their wishes.

10 Top Reasons to Get a Home Caregiver

Here are some reasons why you should give home caregiving a try.

  • Caring for someone with dementia requires experience, which most family members don’t have. A home caregiver can provide all the support and guidance someone with this disease needs.
  • Seniors who continue to live at home are more comfortable and happier, which helps improve their quality of life.
  • Caring for an aging or ill family member can take its toll on the caregiver themselves. A home caregiver can take some of the load, giving families more time to spend quality time with their loved ones.
  • The specialized medical, emotional, and physical support seniors get with home caregiving helps them stay healthier for longer.
  • Home caregivers can give their patients personalized care, which is something that you can’t get in a caregiving facility. Additionally, seniors no longer need to go out for minor treatments because their personal caregivers can take care of them—which is very convenient for people with limited mobility.
  • Staying at home allows seniors to lead a more independent and meaningful life.
  • People recover faster when they stay in the comfort of their own home rather than staying at an assisted living facility.
  • Staying at home where everything is familiar does not just give seniors comfort. It also allows them to be surrounded by friends and family.
  • When your loved ones stay home, it decreases the risk of them contracting an infectious disease from other seniors, which is a common occurrence in many caregiving facilities. That’s why staying at home may be a better option. And having a professional caregiver by your loved ones’ side can help ease your mind. They can also give you updates about the health and wellbeing of your loved ones.
  • Caregivers can also provide companionship and friendship to their clients, which helps ease their loneliness and depression.

Home caregivers don’t just make sure that their clients are taken care of. They also provide companionship to ease any feelings of loneliness. However, do make sure that you choose your caregiver well. A reputable company that offers home care services in Phoenix like Alarys Home Care can help provide you with the best personal caregiver for your loved one.

Maintaining Independent Living Status

In-home care services can help you live at home longer. If you want to age in place, finding an agency that offers excellent senior care services in Phoenix will help you achieve your goals. With the right companion or caregiver, you can live out your retirement years happy, healthy, and secure in the knowledge that you’re where you want to be.

Read About their Services

When you pick an agency, be clear about the services that their in-home caregiver provides. Tasks often include medication management, managing and organizing medical appointments, meal preparation, grocery runs, cleaning, laundry, and gardening. Bathroom, grooming, transportation, running errands, and paying bills are also on the list.

Know What You Need

What level of assisted care do you require? If you use a wheelchair, that will be different from the care needs of someone who has mild dementia symptoms. Talk to the agency, discuss the services they offer and get help in choosing the level of in-home care that’s right for you.

Think About the Frequency

If you only need someone to do light housekeeping around the house, how often should your caregiver come around? Be sure to consider your condition. If you have osteoporosis or arthritis, you need a personal care attendant instead of a companion who visits you every two or three days.

Make a List

List down everything you want to see in a caregiver or companion. Include the basics like credentials, qualifications, training, and experience. You’re trusting someone to take care of your needs. You need to make sure you can trust the firm and the person before you let them into your life.

Look for Fit

Is the caregiver’s personality a good match for you? Let the agency know if you have a preference. For instance, some respond better to strict management strategies while others want someone that they can be comfortable with.

Ask About Pet Care

Not all agencies have caregivers who are also willing to help you take care of your pets. Ask about that before you hire the services of a care agency. Knowing that you can count on your caregiver to feed your pet on time will be a huge relief, especially if you’re starting to be forgetful.

Get the care and assistance you deserve in your golden years. For senior care services in Phoenix, contact Alarys Home Healthcare, and learn more about how in-home care will help you keep your independent lifestyle.

Companion Care: Let Them Feel Loved

People grow old and infirm. When that happens, families need to consider the best way to provide care for their loved ones. Choosing the right level of in-home care will ensure that your parents thrive. One type of non-medical home care is companion care. If your loved ones only require light housekeeping, then pick an agency that provides superior companion care in Phoenix. Here are some of the advantages it’ll provide:

Maintains Their Independence

A lot of Americans prefer to age in place. That’s not surprising. It’s cost-effective and allows them to grow old in the place where they feel safe, comfortable, and happy. If your parents are starting to have a hard time moving around, though, hire a companion. Get someone to handle light housekeeping duties to help your parents retain their independence. The tasks will include preparing their meals, driving them to the doctor, or cleaning the house.

Prevents Loneliness

If you spend most of your day at work, that leaves your old parents alone at home. They can grow lonely, with only the two of them for companionship. Hiring a companion will ensure that they won’t isolate themselves. Research shows that loneliness and depression in senior adults are linked with a higher incidence of illnesses and increased risk of premature death. Improve your parents’ wellbeing by getting them a companion.

Fights Against Dementia

Provide your parents with social interaction. A companion can drive them to their weekly matches with friends or go with them to the park. A companion also provides the social interaction that your parents may need. Having someone that they could talk to every day will improve their cognitive functioning and protect against dementia.

Lowers Risk of Heart Disease

People who suffer from loneliness and isolation are more likely to develop heart diseases. People who have social interactions regularly, on the other hand, have a much lower risk of developing a coronary heart ailment.

Aids Healing

It’s normal for patients of an advanced age to have a slow recovery. But tests show people who recover from surgeries often do it at a faster rate when they have a friend or companion with them. Companionship helps reduce a person’s nerve-related pain, which promotes faster recovery processes.

Peace of Mind

The thought of someone looking after your loved ones gives you peace of mind. You won’t need to worry and stress over them when you’re not there. If you’re looking for companion care in Phoenix, call Alarys Home Healthcare today.