Mental Health Service Challenges

Between 2015 and 2050, the percentage of adults above the age of 60 years old will nearly double, from 12% to about 22%. With approximately 15% of adults aged 60 suffering from a mental disorder, finding the right mental health service provider is a must for many families.

Thinking You Can Do It

A lot of families think they can handle the work themselves. Providing care to an elderly loved one with a mental health condition, though, requires specialized skills and knowledge as well as patience and understanding. If you take on the work, but later on realize that the job is too stressful for you, it’s okay. Don’t feel like you’ve failed. Look for behavioral health services in Phoenix to help you.

Not Hiring a Professional

When you care for someone with Alzheimer’s disease, you’ll need to look for a caregiving agency to help you out. A professional is in a much better position to provide the help and assistance your loved one needs. They’re trained to handle the situation. If you have little to zero proper training, then you may only end up worsening the condition. That or you may only end up aggravating yourself.

Not Knowing the Signs

Before you can look for an excellent behavioral health service provider or resource, you’ll want to be on the lookout for signs that your loved one is suffering from a mental condition. For instance, know what Alzheimer’s disease looks like. Be familiar with the symptoms:

  • Memory loss that impacts daily life
  • Difficulty in planning or solving problems
  • Inability to complete routine tasks such as managing a budget or taking care of the garden
  • Vision problems
  • Vocabulary struggles or may call things by the wrong name or term
  • Misplacing items and inability to remember
  • Poor judgment
  • Withdrawal from social activities or work
  • Different moods and personality

By knowing the signs, you can start looking for help before the situation worsens.

Not Researching Your Options

When you look for help, make sure you are hiring the right agency for the job. Research your options. Find out more about the firm’s reputation, its background, and the services it offers. What kind of credentials does it have? What kind of qualifications do members of the staff hold? Find out before you reach out to them for a consult. To get a trusted provider or resource for behavioral health services in Phoenix, contact Alarys Home Care for more details.

Hiring Caregivers for Alzheimer Care

One in every three seniors pass away from Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. With deaths from Alzheimer’s disease increasing by 145%, the total is more than the deaths that result from breast cancer and prostate cancer combined. Despite those numbers, only 16% of seniors receive assessments during routine checkups. To compare, deaths from heart disease have only increased about 9% from 2000 to 2017.

Why Does That Matter?

With a growing number of older adults suffering from mental conditions, it’s now more important than ever to make sure people can receive the help and treatment they need. If your elderly loved ones show signs of suffering from a mental disorder as their minds deteriorate, then looking for caregiving services in Phoenix should be first on your list.

How Do I Find Help?

Consider the services that your loved ones need. If you see signs of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, then start looking for resources and groups to help you get the specialized assistance and care your family members require.

What Do I Look for?

Find a caregiving agency, for starters. You and your family may not be able to take on the work needed to look after your loved ones’ needs, especially if they start to show signs of having a mental disorder. A trained and professional caregiver who’s had considerable experience can guide your family through this and help you all care for your grandparents or parent properly.

How Do I Pick a Caregiver?

Start by reaching out to a caregiver agency. Look for local businesses first. Ask around, especially if you already know someone in your circle who hired these services in the past. Their suggestions and advice can be a huge help to you. Reviews and feedback about the company can help you determine the quality of the caregiving services it offers.

What Qualities Should I Choose?

Choosing someone skilled and competent is a given. But finding someone with the right set of credentials and a compassionate nature is ideal. Given the reports of elderly abuse, the last thing you want is to leave your loved ones vulnerable and at risk of being a victim. Research your options for Alzheimer care thoroughly. If your instincts or gut say otherwise, move on to other candidates for the position.

When it comes to taking care of your loved ones, experience with caregiving services in Phoenix is vitally important. The Alarys Home Care has caregivers trained in dementia, memory loss, and Alzheimer’s. Contact us for more details.

Why Seniors Stay at Home

More and more seniors want to stay at home. If the health of your parents is in decline, read on to know why staying at home makes sense for them.

Ensures Their Independence

One of the many reasons why more of the elderly choose to age in their homes is the independence this affords them. Your elderly parents can continue with their daily routines and live their lives according to their rules and what they want. One way to help your loved ones stay at home for as long as possible is to hire senior care services in Phoenix. Hiring someone to look after their health means you can rest easy, knowing they have the support and assistance they need at home.

Maintains Their Environment

Your senior parents can maintain control over their house and environment if they stay at home. They can stay in the house where they’re most comfortable in, can walk around the neighborhood whenever they want, maintain their garden, or even take care of their pets, since many senior homes don’t allow for pets. By hiring senior caregivers, your parents can keep their personal freedom.

Makes Them Happier

Your parents can live at home without worrying about getting along with other residents too. Your father can go see his friends in the community or your mother can always receive visits from relatives without worrying about curfews, which makes for a satisfying life. By providing your parents with the help and means to stay at home for as long as they can, your parents will be happier for it.

Keeps Their Belongings

Being at home, surrounded by the belongings and furniture they have bought and loved over the years, is also comforting. Moving to a care facility often means discarding furniture and belongings that wouldn’t fit in the room or space that the facility assigns. Your parents won’t need to go through the heartbreak of seeing all their possessions and physical memories sold off, taken, or given away.

Prevents Loss of Dignity

There’s something about being in one’s home and personal space that prevents the loss of dignity and diminished quality of life. These are just more reasons for you to help your parents stay longer at home. Learn more about the options that you and your family can explore. Find out what those options will entail and if they are the right solution for your loved ones. When you hire senior care services in Phoenix, get in touch with Alarys Home Care.

Proper and Adequate Elder Care

Taking care of your elderly loved one can be challenging and rewarding at the same time. Here’s why hiring services for elderly care in Phoenix matters.

You Need Help

It’s not easy taking care of an elderly loved one. If you’ve got a busy day job and demanding family life, then you don’t have that much time to devote to looking after your mother or father. You’ll need help. That’s where pros come in. They can provide the assistance your parents need so you can deal with your work and responsibilities.

You Need a Break

If you are your parents’ primary caregiver, then taking care of them 24/7 can take a toll on your health. That’s going to lead to bigger problems. You need to be in top shape if you want to provide your parents with topnotch care. Take a break. Hire an elderly caregiver to take on some of your tasks and responsibilities. That’s going to give you the time you need to run errands or just take a well-deserved break. These can help you stay happier and healthier, both qualities that can help you become a better caregiver.

You Don’t Know How

If your loved one shows signs of having a mental disorder, with symptoms such as dementia pointing to an early onset of Alzheimer’s disease, then you may find yourself at a loss on how to deal with the situation. Get guidance from a professional caregiver. Someone who’s had experience in caring for a patient with Alzheimer’s disease knows what to expect and what to do, providing you with the support you need.

You Want to Ensure Comfort

Ensure comfort and security for your parents. By hiring a skilled and competent caregiver, your loved ones have the reassurance that they are cared for. Their caregiver can also serve as a companion. Depression and loneliness are common in the elderly. That’s because most live alone and don’t have anyone to talk to. Providing a caregiver can ease that loneliness and provide them with the companionship they need to prevent depression and other mental health issues.

Choosing a Caregiver

Look for someone with enough experience. Choose a trusted agency and conduct interviews with the caregivers the firm sends your way. Have a list of questions ready so you’ll know what to ask and avoid wasting time. For more details on elderly care in Phoenix, contact Alarys Home Care today.