The Five Key Benefits of Aging in Place

The number of Americans age 65 and older will make up nearly 24% of the population by the year 2060. While aging is inevitable, it’s smart to plan for how we will care for our aging loved ones when they start to need assistance.

Long-term care facilities are an option; however, many people are now turning towards elderly home care services to allow their loved ones to age in place in their homes where they are more comfortable. Home health care services are certainly something to consider if your loved one isn’t in need of advanced care and it can be beneficial for those who don’t want to move into an unfamiliar location.

The Benefits of Elderly Home Care Services

As mentioned above, elderly home care service can be the perfect solution for seniors who need assistance, but otherwise don’t need an advanced level of care. There are many benefits that can come with elderly home care services, a few of which include:

    1. Independence
      Losing their independence is something no senior wants to go through. One of the largest advantages that home health care can provide is the ability to retain independence and control over their daily routines. They can do what they want and have meals when they want, instead of having to worry about adjusting to the schedule of a facility. Additionally, if they can no longer drive themselves, caregivers can provide transportation to ensure that they can still get out and go to the places they want.
    2. Comfort
      While assisted living and long-term care facilities do their best to provide a comfortable space to their residents, as the saying goes, there’s no place like home. By being able to receive care in their own homes, seniors can retain the comfort of sleeping in their own beds, using their own facilities, and continuing their daily routines as normal. Being able to stay in a familiar setting can be beneficial for those suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia as they will be more aware of the home they’ve lived in longest, as opposed to a new facility they have no prior knowledge of.
    3. One-on-One Care
      Another one of the biggest benefits is the ability to receive one-on-one care. As opposed to long-term care facilities or assisted living facilities where multiple residents make it hard for nurses and caregivers to attend to each resident personally, an at-home caregiver can devote as much attention as needed to ensure that all needs are met and that your loved one is comfortable.
    4. Companionship
      While we want to be there for our loved ones as much as possible, sometimes we can’t devote enough time to stopping by every day. At home care gives seniors not just a caregiver, but a familiar and friendly face that they can talk to and bond with. Often times loneliness and isolation are the biggest concerns that face the elderly population, home care seeks to mitigate this problem and provide seniors with a stable source of companionship.
    5. Owning a Pet
      As with human companionship, having a pet can help keep a senior’s morale up. Having home care also means that they won’t have to potentially give up their pet to move into a facility where they can’t be together. Studies have shown that pets can further reduce loneliness, calm dementia patients, and reduce the risks of heart disease. An at-home caregiver ensures that your loved one can keep their pets and can even provide assistance caring for them as well.

If you have a loved one who could benefit from extra assistance, consider the benefits of aging in place with elderly home care services. Not only can this type of care help keep them in a place where they are most comfortable, but it can provide them with one-on-one care that enables them to continue living their lives to the fullest. Contact Alarys Home Care for homecare services in Phoenix today.