5 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Home Care Assistance

The average lifespan in the U.S. has nearly doubled over the last century and is presently at 78 years. The Census Bureau expects the ‘silver tsunami’ to continue over the next decade, with 10,000 baby boomers celebrating their birthdays daily. About 90% of these seniors say they prefer to age in place.

It may be difficult for your parent to admit that they need home care assistance to handle some basic activities of daily living. As a primary caregiver, it is devastating to watch them struggle to take care of themselves. No matter how much you love them, you cannot look after them alone. Senior home care services allow you to take a break while providing the right level of care for your loved one.

Without the right information, you can make costly mistakes during the hiring process. Here are five pitfalls that you should look out for.

1. Holding Off Until It’s Too Late

The Alzheimer’s Association reports that one in every three seniors dies from Alzheimer’s or a similar form of dementia. Most families often postpone the conversation about home care assistance until it’s too late. In a rush, they end up hiring the wrong elderly care service for their parent. Research shows that enlisting in-home care early enough may improve the senior’s physical and mental health.

2. Not Having an In-Home Assessment

Some families mistakenly hire a caregiver without establishing if they are the right fit for their parent. Elderly care services ought to provide an in-home assessment that allows all parties involved to establish an elaborate care plan. It allows the senior to meet the new caregiver and lay a strong foundation for a healthy working relationship.

3. Focusing More on Cost Instead of Credibility

Home health care expenditure reached a staggering $97 billion in 2017. While it may seem important to put more emphasis on the home care assistance costs, it may be the wrong approach. It is important to have a budget. However, you should not compromise the safety and security of your parent in the hope of saving a few hundred dollars. The skills and the personality of the caregiver ought to be equally evaluated with the financial side of things.

4. Flying Solo for the Search

While you may be the primary caregiver of your loved one, it is advisable to consult the rest of the family before making a choice. Most seniors say they prefer to age at home to maintain their freedom and independence. Hiring home care assistance without their input may make them reject the idea of 24-hour in-home care. For less friction, try to keep everyone in the loop as you go through the hiring process.

5. Choosing the Wrong Type of Home Care Service

Home care services offer different levels of care for their clients. Families that fail to conduct adequate research on the home care assistance providers may end up enlisting for the wrong program for their loved one. Do you need specialized nursing care or just a caregiver for general companionship? Analyze your senior’s needs before making the decision.

Finding the right home care assistance for your parent is key to keeping them healthy and safe. You need to take time to research the potential caregivers to avoid making these costly mistakes. For more information on choosing the right in-home care services, contact Alarys Home Care.