When Does Your Parent Need a Caregiver?

Elderly care In Phoenix

Your parents are getting older. They’re slowing down. They get tired a bit sooner. That’s all to be expected. But if you start seeing any of the following signs, then it may be time to consider hiring a professional for elderly care in Phoenix.

Physical Decline

Conditions like arthritis are common in many seniors. There are plenty of things that your family can do to help ease the discomfort for your parent. But if this coincides with other problems like poor vision, muscle weakness, and more, then that’s a sign that they’re in a state of physical decline. When that happens, it may be wise to start looking for home health care services in your community or area.

Difficulty with Chores

Due to their physical decline, your parent may have a hard time going to the grocery to shop, carrying those groceries home, or even cleaning the house. They may also have a tough time preparing meals. If you see any of these happening, that tells you your parent is going to need in-home care sooner rather than later.

Mobility Problems

Going up and down the stairs is starting to become an ordeal for your parent. That could be due to their weak grip and knee pain. These mobility problems are going to make it hard for them to drive to and from their doctors’ appointments. You may need to look for home-care services that offer transportation assistance to make sure your parent has the help they need to get around.

Memory Problems

Forgetfulness can be a problem for younger and older people alike. However, if your parent’s memory issues happen right along with other signs of physical decline, they may be suffering from a condition like Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. Start scouting around for senior care services and resources to help you out.

Loss of Appetite

Dehydration and weight loss are just some of the common signs that your parent needs in-home care. If they’re unable to prepare meals, then that could account for the loss of appetite and unexplained loss of weight.

Bottom Line

Despite all these, your parent may not reach out to you for help. A lot of parents don’t realize they’re putting their safety and health at risk by not telling. Others don’t want to confront the problem and prefer to be in denial that anything is wrong with them. If you recognize the signs on the list, then don’t hesitate to get help. Hire elderly care in Phoenix from Alarys Home Care.