Types of Senior Sleep Problems and Causes of Insomnia

Are you or your senior loved one experiencing sleep disturbances or a lack of sleep? If so, you may be wondering what is causing this bout with insomnia and if there is a way to address it. Here, we provide a few common concerns that may lead to less sleep for seniors – and ways that Phoenix home care services can help you with them!

Sleep Disturbance Caused by Health Concerns

Many health problems that are encountered by seniors can cause problems sleeping. Whether it’s because of pain that cannot easily be managed or an inability to relax, there are many reasons why common senior health concerns may prevent a restful night’s sleep.

Talk to your health care team about adding a sleep aid to your routine if your health problems are causing issues with sleep. You may find that an all-natural supplement or prescription medication is just what you need to finally get some rest.

Medication Side Effects

Most seniors take some kind of medication, even if it is simply to maintain healthy aging. These medications can cause side effects that may interfere with healthy, restorative sleep.

If you are experiencing sleep problems, talk to your health care provider about potential causes. It may be as simple as switching one or more of your medications to something better suited to your needs.

Lifestyle Issues – Including Stress or Anxiety

Aging can be stressful. This is especially true for seniors who are experiencing changes that they are not fully prepared for or who worry about what the future may hold for them or their families.

If you are having these kinds of concerns, talk to a mental health professional or a counselor about what may be causing them. It is common to need more help as you age; reaching out for it should be part of your self-care plan.

Independent Sleep Disorders

Some sleep-related conditions are not caused by any other issues. In these cases, your doctor may need to perform tests to determine how to treat your concerns. Be sure to be forthcoming with any information that may help address your issues.

How Home Care Services Can Help

While working with a senior care provider can’t always provide relief from sleep disturbance, it can address many of the root causes. Providing relief from daily stress and making everyday life easier for seniors can make sleep much easier to come by – and much deeper and more restful. Whether you need help keeping up with your health or lessening the stress in your life, talk to the industry experts at Alarys Home Care Services. Our expert providers can meet your and your family’s needs and help you live a better life day and night – all from the comfort of your own home!