The Benefits of 24 Hour In Home Care for You and Your Loved Ones

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In the United States, more than 65 million people are struggling to care for loved ones with disabilities, health conditions, or diminished physical and mental capacities due to aging. Since many of these individuals are also trying to balance making an income, maintaining their household, and raising kids, it’s no surprise that caregiver burnout is on the rise. This is a challenging situation for anyone — and yet, many people do not want to place their loved ones in facilities such as nursing homes. However, 24 hour in home care may be the solution.

The Need for 24 Hour in Home Care

The senior population is growing rapidly. Understandably, most seniors want to stay in their own homes as long as possible. Unfortunately, many adult children live too far away to care for their aging parents. Even when they can provide caregiving, the job can put a great strain on them, causing them to lose work hours and become physically and emotionally exhausted. At this point, it makes sense to enlist professional help to fill the gaps or to provide relief for family members.

How 24 Hour in Home Care Can Help

The appeal of 24 hour in home care is that it lets disabled, ill, and elderly people stay in familiar, comfortable surroundings. Moreover, it costs far less than placing a loved one in a facility. Family members can have peace of mind, knowing that their loved one is being cared for by highly trained and compassionate professionals while they attend to their own needs. A reputable home health care agency will carefully select and educate its live-in staff before connecting clients to compatible staff members.

24 Hour in Home Care Services for Disabled, Ill, and Elderly Clients

An in home caregiver from a home care agency supervises your loved one, making sure they are moving safely around the home. They can help as needed with bathing, toileting, and personal hygiene, while treating the client with dignity and respect. The staff member takes care of regular household tasks like laundry, cleaning and organizing, taking out the trash, cooking, shopping for groceries, picking up medications, and anything else your loved one might need.

For those who require medication reminders, an in home caregiver can manage prescriptions and make sure the client is taking the right medication at the right time of day. This is especially important when a drug must be taken at a specific hour. The caregiver is also on hand to monitor the client for medication side effects and complications.

Companionship is another important service provided by live-in staff. Elderly people may find that their friends are passing away, or that they are physically incapable of traveling to social activities. Some even isolate themselves from family members, thinking they are too much of a burden. Loneliness can lead to anxiety and depression — two all-too-common conditions in seniors. Home care staff members should be matched with elderly clients based on shared interests and similar personalities so that they can enjoy each other’s company and engage in activities together. Caregivers can also drive clients to social activities and help schedule visits with friends and family members.

24 Hour in Home Care Services For the Short Term

An in-home caregiver can also help new mothers and people recovering from illness or a temporary disability. When caregivers are there for light housekeeping, shopping, errands, and the other tasks related to running a household, new mothers can focus on their babies and their new routine, and patients can focus on recovering their strength and abilities.

The elderly population is growing and the need for caregiving is growing right alongside. Most adult children cannot leave their jobs and their own young families in order to care for their aging parents. Those who try to juggle their regular responsibilities with caregiving often burn out both emotionally and physically. Around the clock home care allows seniors to stay in their homes and takes care of their needs, including medication management, personal care, companionship, meal preparation, and other tasks.

Remember that 24 hour in home care services are not just for the elderly. It’s also a viable solution for those with long-term and short-term disabilities, people who are recovering from serious illness, and even moms with newborns. Help with household duties, provided by well-trained, compassionate, and conscientious caregivers, allows people to regain their health. If your loved one needs round the clock assistance, contact local home health care service, Alarys, today.