Signs That Professional Care is Needed for Your Elderly Loved One

Taking care of a senior family member can be hard. If you see any of the following signs, then it may be wise to hire an agency for companion care in Phoenix to help you and your family care for the needs of your parent or elderly loved one.

Caregiver Stress

If you’re tired all the time, angry and have little to no time to rest, then you’re likely suffering from caregiver stress. Finding an agency that can provide companion care can help alleviate a lot of the caregiver burden on you.

Escalating Care Needs

If you believe your loved one’s condition is getting worse, then you’ll need someone with professional experience to help you look after his/her needs. If you don’t have the expertise and knowledge as well as training to provide for those needs, then get a companion.

Safety Concerns

If your parent lives alone, then you probably worry a lot at the thought that s/he may trip or fall, with no one there to check on her or get her medical help. Hiring a companion means you have someone who can check up on how your parent is doing every day so you can lay that worry to rest. That also gives you peace of mind, knowing that there’s someone who can reassure you that your parent is all right.

Home Maintenance

If your parent’s home seems to be filthy and the yard or house doesn’t seem to have been cleaned or maintained for quite some time, that could be an indication of your parent’s failing physical capabilities. S/he may require more help around the house. Hiring a companion provides your parent with that support.


It’s not a problem if your mom or dad keeps forgetting a few things. But if that forgetfulness comes with signs of physical decline—achy knees that make it difficult to walk around, pain in his or her joints—then it may be wise to conclude that s/he needs help.

Mobility Issues

If your parent has a tough time getting to and from the doctor or doesn’t like to go anywhere because s/he finds it painful to walk, then those are signs of further physical decline. Having a companion to drive your parent around or offer mobility assistance is an excellent idea.
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