Maintaining Independent Living Status

In-home care services can help you live at home longer. If you want to age in place, finding an agency that offers excellent senior care services in Phoenix will help you achieve your goals. With the right companion or caregiver, you can live out your retirement years happy, healthy, and secure in the knowledge that you’re where you want to be.

Read About their Services

When you pick an agency, be clear about the services that their in-home caregiver provides. Tasks often include medication management, managing and organizing medical appointments, meal preparation, grocery runs, cleaning, laundry, and gardening. Bathroom, grooming, transportation, running errands, and paying bills are also on the list.

Know What You Need

What level of assisted care do you require? If you use a wheelchair, that will be different from the care needs of someone who has mild dementia symptoms. Talk to the agency, discuss the services they offer and get help in choosing the level of in-home care that’s right for you.

Think About the Frequency

If you only need someone to do light housekeeping around the house, how often should your caregiver come around? Be sure to consider your condition. If you have osteoporosis or arthritis, you need a personal care attendant instead of a companion who visits you every two or three days.

Make a List

List down everything you want to see in a caregiver or companion. Include the basics like credentials, qualifications, training, and experience. You’re trusting someone to take care of your needs. You need to make sure you can trust the firm and the person before you let them into your life.

Look for Fit

Is the caregiver’s personality a good match for you? Let the agency know if you have a preference. For instance, some respond better to strict management strategies while others want someone that they can be comfortable with.

Ask About Pet Care

Not all agencies have caregivers who are also willing to help you take care of your pets. Ask about that before you hire the services of a care agency. Knowing that you can count on your caregiver to feed your pet on time will be a huge relief, especially if you’re starting to be forgetful.

Get the care and assistance you deserve in your golden years. For senior care services in Phoenix, contact Alarys Home Healthcare, and learn more about how in-home care will help you keep your independent lifestyle.