Home Care Services to Help Seniors Prepare for Cold Weather

Seniors lose body heat faster. Their advanced age makes it difficult for them to be aware that they are getting cold, which is dangerous because a big chill can become a serious problem before an older adult even realizes what’s happening. That could lead to hypothermia. Also, driving and moving around in snowy or icy conditions put them at risk of accidents or falls. Some seniors are also affected by the short and dark winter days, since it prevents them from going out, seeing their friends, and socializing, contributing to Seasonal Effective Disorder (SAD) conditions.

If you’re caring for a senior, here are tips to help keep your loved ones healthy and warm this season.

Hire a Caregiver

Hiring home care services in Phoenix to look after the seniors in your life gives you peace of mind. You’re reassured by knowing that someone is preparing their meals, doing the chores, and helping them move around the house.

Prevent Accidents

Many seniors suffer from falls, which could lead to a serious hip injury. If your family has a caregiver, then you won’t need to worry about your loved one suffering from a bad slip or fall without no one there to take him or her to the hospital for treatment. Modifying the house to accommodate features for seniors to age in place helps too.

Review the Senior’s Wardrobe

Does your loved one have the right clothes on hand? Check his or her wardrobe for the essentials. Does s/he need new warm clothes? Does s/he have insulating articles of clothing that can be layered and the appropriate shoes, along with gloves, scarf, and a coat?

Prepare the House

Take a look around your senior loved one’s home. Check the heating system. Get a professional contractor to check for any signs of damage or potential issues. Are the doors and windows sealed? What other repairs can be done to prepare the house for cold weather conditions?

Focus on Nutrition

Make sure your loved one is eating healthy. Winter makes it difficult for seniors to get out of the house, which means your parent or grandparent will get less vitamin D. Counteract that by providing a healthy diet to your loved one. Get the help of a pro through senior care services to make that happen. Know more about how home care services in Phoenix can help your family when you call Alarys Home Care.