In-Home Care Services for Your Family’s Needs

Taking care of an elderly loved one can take a toll on your mental, physical and emotional well-being. If you can’t handle all the work, get the help you and your family need. Look for in-home care in Phoenix.

Find Out What You Need

Determine the level of care that your loved one needs. Does it involve skilled care or custodial care? Once you know what type of care you need, you can start looking for the right agency.

Do Your Homework

Research your options. If you want a home care agency, find out which local firms fit the bill. Do they provide the home care services you need?

Consider Their Credentials

What kind of credentials and qualifications does the staff have? How long has the agency been in business? Are members of the staff trained and licensed to provide the support needed by the agency’s clients?

Check With Your Insurance

Don’t forget to find out if the agency works with your insurance provider. You can save a bit when you pick an agency that works with your insurance. That could mean a partial coverage for the service.

Ask About Background Checks

The last thing you want is to leave your loved one in the care of stranger with little to no qualifications and training. Also, with so many cases of elderly abuse, it’s important that you know you’re hiring a caregiver you can trust. If the firm carries out background checks on its employees, then that’s a good indication that you’re hiring the services of the right agency.

Talk About No-Shows

What happens if your home aide doesn’t show up for work? Many reputable home agencies will take on the task to inform you that your caregiver won’t make it and that they’re sending a replacement instead. It wouldn’t hurt to talk to the firm and confirm if that arrangement exists. That way, if something happens with your caregiver and s/he is unable to make it, you know the agency will step in to ensure your needs are met.

Find Out About Minimums

Some agencies set a minimum number of hours or days for every week. Do you think that’s going to be a problem? That’s one of the many things you’ll need to factor into your hiring decision.
Get professional caregiving assistance for your loved ones and yourself. For in-home care in Phoenix, reach out to us at Alarys Home Care.

Home Care Services for Assistance and Rehabilitation

Home health care is a term used to describe a wide range of services that provide in-home care and general assistance services to people experiencing injury and illness or those advancing through the aging process. It allows patients to age in the comforts of their own homes while providing them with a safe and healthy environment. Whether you need rehabilitation or non-medical personal assistance, there’s always someone to help you.

Through the years, home health care services have become a viable alternative to nursing home facilities, which helps alleviate the fears of many seniors of having to leave their homes and live in unfamiliar surroundings. It also provides seniors the option to experience the aging process as independently as possible in safe and familiar surroundings while still receiving the appropriate level of care and assistance.

Examples of Home Care Assistance Services

Some of the most common in-home care services include:

  • Helping seniors maintain a healthy, pleasant, safe, and comfortable living environment for seniors.
  • Correctly assessing safety risks in homes to facilitate mobility while preventing accidents from happening.
  • Assistance with transportation to the supermarket, pharmacy, church, or doctor appointments.
  • Assistance with light housekeeping chores, such as laundry, meal preparations, dishes, vacuuming, and watering plants.
  • Assistance with grocery shopping and other errands.
  • Medication reminders.

Benefits of Hiring a Home Health Caregiver

Some of the benefits of personalized in-home health care include:

  • Ensuring that the patient’s personal and medical needs are met in a professional and compassionate manner.
  • Giving both the patient and their families peace of mind.
  • Helping comfort and soothe the stresses brought about by the aging process.
  • Providing hospital-level care at home which removes the need for long-term or frequent hospital stays
  • Providing family caretakers a break from their assistance and care responsibilities.
  • Providing a more affordable option than skilled nursing and hospital-setting inpatient care facilities.
  • Encouraging health and healing, as well as overall happiness in patients.
  • Providing effective home health assistance and rehabilitation services to patients.
  • Providing highly trained home caregivers who can help with emergency preparation and accident prevention.
  • Providing companionship and social interaction by engaging in games, walks, reading, watching movies, and meal-time together.

While home care is often associated with the elderly, they are not the only ones who can benefit from home care services in Phoenix. Any adult or child who needs assistance in their daily activities can take advantage of the many services offered by Alarys Home Care.

Home Care Services Keep Seniors Safe at Home

As you or a loved one gets older, you’re already probably thinking about living arrangements. However, you may not be too keen on the idea of moving into a long-term care or retirement facility, as many people are. Fortunately, in-home care is opening up possibilities of allowing seniors to stay in the comforts of their own home for as long as possible. Aging in place used to be a big decision for the family as it often meant having someone from the family act as a caregiver, which is not an easy job because they also have their own lives and jobs to think about. But, now, various healthcare facilities provide this as part of the services they offer. It is a good option if you enjoy being close to your friends and family and only need minor assistance with your daily activities.

How Does In-Home Care Help Keep Loved Ones Safe at Home?

Accidents and health issues are common for seniors, especially for those who have chosen to age in place. Family members are often tasked with helping take care of aging family members. However, they may not be trained or experienced enough to prevent accidents, such as slips and fall, from happening. Seniors may end up needing hip surgery as a result. Professional caregivers prevent accidents from happening and are in a better position to recognize symptoms of other health issues, such as Alzheimer’s.

Common Home Care Services for Seniors

Some of the most common home care services offered by many in-home care caregivers include:

  • They ensure that your household is running smoothly. They will help with shopping, laundry, gardening, light housekeeping, running errands, and other similar tasks.
  • An in-home caregiver can help older adults get from one place to another, whether that’s just inside your home or you need to go somewhere. This helps prevent accidents like slips and falls.
  • Home health caregivers help by providing personal care services that include daily activities, such as bathing, dressing, or meal preparation. Services can range from just a few hours to round-the-clock assistance.
  • Many caregivers also provide limited medical assistance, such as offering medication reminders and taking blood pressure.

You can explore the wide range of home care services offered by Alarys Home Care for aging in place in Phoenix and decide if it’s the most ideal solution for you to maintain your independence while making the most out of your golden years.

Top 4 Dangers for Seniors

As you get older, common activities can suddenly become dangerous, and it’s important to be cautious. Here are some of the worst dangers for seniors and what you can do to prevent them.


Aging weakens joints in the body, particularly in your knees. That’s going to make it much harder for you to drive around. Older people behind the wheel are often at risk of getting into an accident. If you don’t want an accident to happen to you, then hire home care services in Phoenix. Have a trained companion drive you around. That’s going to make it easier for you to get to where you need to go.


Old age also makes it harder for you to maintain your balance. Bad knees can make it harder for you to walk around, much less give you poor reflexes. If there’s a loose fold or spot in the carpet, you can easily trip over that and hurt yourself. Hiring an in-home caregiver to look after you can prevent these accidents from happening.

Heat Stroke

Worsening climate conditions mean we’re going to go through summers even worse than before. That puts you at higher risk of getting a heat stroke or being dehydrated. Finding ways to keep cool and lower your temperature will help a lot. Having someone to take you to the mall or turn on the AC for you whenever this happens is ideal. When you hire a home caregiver, you get to rely on someone to look after your basic needs.

Shower Falls

About 6,000 people lose their lives due to a fall. Aging puts you at risk of suffering from a fall when you’re in the shower. The best way to prevent that is to install grab bars or rails. Better yet, hire help so you have someone to assist you through grooming activities. By securing the assistance of trusted senior care services, you can prevent shower accidents.

Monitor Your Condition

Aging puts you at risk of developing illnesses and contracting diseases. When you have a home caregiver, you have someone to monitor your condition. Is your cough bad? What about that knee pain? Is your arthritis worsening? Have someone monitor your health and stay on top of your illnesses when you hire a caregiver.

Bottom Line

Aging will slow you down. Look for professionals to help you. Get home care services in Phoenix from Alarys Home Care for competent and compassionate care.